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Features you can count on to supercharge your medical imaging research.

No fuss

Upload, store and categorise images in one, convenient place. Tag images for quick retrieval by categories such as patient, study and modality. Access historic images quickly, without fuss.

Runs anywhere

View images on your phone, tablet or desktop PC. Use mouse and touch gestures to pan, zoom and move from one section to the next. View axial, coronal and sagittal sections simultaneously.


Run image analysis workloads such as Cavalieri volume experiments, which enable the unbiased estimation of structure volume by point counting.

Secure and reliable

Images and data are stored securely in the cloud and replicated to protect against unplanned events such as transient hardware failures, network or power outages and natural disasters.


Our legacy, desktop application has been used by researchers all over the world for more than 20 years. Now experience the modern, web-based EASY MEASURE medical imaging platform.

Trusted by researchers

A platform for image analysis and stereology

Image management

Store and categorise images

Upload and categorise images in one convenient place. Group images with tags such as patient, study and modality to improve search efficacy.
View images on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop PC. Use touch and mouse gestures, along with stylus and keyboard shortcuts, to pan, zoom and navigate around images.
Simultaneously view axial, coronal and sagittal sections with crosshairs that show the relative positions of orthogonal sections for a complete appreciation of 3D anatomy.
  • Upload, view and categorise images
  • Adjust display intensities
  • Update voxel dimensions
Image analysis

Run image analysis workloads

Run image analysis workloads, known as experiments, on images uploaded to EASY MEASURE. For example, Cavalieri volume experiments enable the unbiased estimation of structure volume by point counting:
  • Define structures of interest
  • Explore 3D anatomy about a point
  • Count points using mouse and touch gestures
  • Export results in CSV format
Our innovative platform, comprising of loosely coupled microservices, supports the rapid onboarding of new image analysis workloads.
Notifications and audit

View notifications and audit trails

Use EASY MEASURE to start image analysis workloads that run in the background. Get real-time notifications when workloads begin and end. View comprehensive audit trails that describe each step of a workload.
  • Get real-time notifications
  • View workload audit trails

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