EASY MEASURE version 0.16 released

We are pleased to announce that version 0.16 of EASY MEASURE has been released.

New in version 0.16 of EASY MEASURE is the ability to set a section interval when running a Cavalieri volume experiment. Section interval determines the sections onto which test systems of points are thrown. Previously this parameter was hardcoded to 1, so that test systems of points were thrown onto every section of a target image series.

Going forward, section interval (n) can be set to some integer value greater than 1, so that test systems of points are thrown onto every nth section. The first section targetted by points is chosen uniform randomly from the range [1, 2, ..., n].

Work is underway on a number of other features that we hope to release soon, including:

  • Coefficient of error (CE) for determining the precision of Cavalieri volume estimates.
  • Bulk download of Cavalieri volume experiment CSV result files.

Please spread the word. Every subscriber that we onboard helps to fund hosting and development costs, so that EASY MEASURE remains the world's most convenient computer interface for the application of stereological methods. We appreciate it!

The platform can be accessed here:


As always, we look forward to any feedback. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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